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Trinity Church Historic Preservation Foundation


Trinity “Old Swedes” Church Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc. was established in 1992 shortly after roof truss failure was discovered at Trinity Church. The purpose of the Foundation is to have a corporation, independent from the church, with non-profit IRS status for the restoration and maintenance of the historic site. The Foundation is a separate 501 © (3), eligible for matching funds by contributing corporations such as Exxon Mobil, DuPont, Boeing and many others. The By-Laws of the Foundation require 12 members: 6 from the church and 6 from the community.

The By-Laws also state that the Foundation is responsible for raising and managing funds to preserve and maintain the building and log cabin as a state and National Historic site. It is also charged with increasing public utilization of the site through development of an interpretive park known as Trinity Square and various educational programs and tours of the site.

Presently the Annual Golf Tournament is the major fund raiser for the Foundation, bringing in an average of $15,000 annually. Donations and matching funds provide an additional $10,000. Expenses of repairs and maintenance of the building costs are approximately $20,000 each year.


Trinity Foundation
Board Members
April 2015

Members from the Community

David Rode
Richard Erdner
Art Azzari
Kyle Erdner
Marilyn Horner
Sandy Strudwick

Members from Trinity “Old Swedes” Episcopal Church

Joanna Becker-Lippincott
Bill Brace
Ginny Johnston
Bob Fritz
Edie Rohrman

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